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Digital currency offers an opportunity for instant international, secure, private trading outside of punitive international charges and regulation. As an economy stagnates there is nothing more important to a business than the ability to keep trading, that’s how you keep an economy moving. Blockchain’s potential to change the way many banking processes – including correspondent banking – function has created a dilemma for financial institutions https://cryptolisting.org/ uncertain of how best to use the exciting new technology. It is announced that the new crowdfunding platform, LEOcrowd, will launch globally at an event in Stockholm, Sweden, on 16 April 2016. The platform, , was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and has a mission to ‘set entrepreneurial spirits free’. Technical jargon aside, digital currency can actually offer something incredibly valuable to the masses and to the global economy.

Britain’s politicians need to start thinking bigger than Britain – financial technologies don’t need to have borders. LEOcoin is a digital currency that allows individuals to make transactions through a decentralised peer-to-peer network. LEOcoin is an digital cryptocurrency that allows individuals to make fast and secure transactions through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. At the event in London in March, LEO conceded that the cryptocurrency was targeted more at small and medium-sized businesses – especially in emerging economies – rather than the large conglomerates that have started to accept bitcoin. The LEOcoin Foundation has also approached the regulatory bodies in the United States and is an Executive Member of the Digital Chamber of Commerce.

LEOcoin Info mobile application has received a great response so far, crossing more than a thousand downloads within days of its launch on both the platforms. Crowdfunding is certainly democratising finance; some people have even argued that crowdfunding has the potential to rectify the gender gap in entrepreneurship. According to data collected by the platform CircleUp, female entrepreneurs are almost ten times more successful in raising capital with online platforms than with traditional banks. LEOcoin Foundation has been actively lobbying amongst lawmakers and regulators regarding the entire digital currency community in order to realise their aim of being more than a cryptocurrency platform. Dan Andersson, founder, believes it of incredible importance that the LEOcoin Foundation becomes a key contributor to the digital currency conversation and shapes the agenda.

This can be further noticed in the rise of its market capitalisation, which since February 2016, has grown by 1000 p.c. LEOcoin right has touched the sixth largest cryptocurrency tag by market capitalisation (~$50 million). LEOcoin Launches New Products as Its Market Cap Rises by 10 Times LEOcoin, the open source cryptocurrency created keeping the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses in mind has been gaining a lot of traction lately. An initiative of LEOcoin Foundation, the digital currency’s increasing popularity is being reflected in the rise of its value. LEOcoin Community Launches LEOcoin Cryptocurrency Information Mobile Application for Android and iOS LEOcoin, the open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform now has a new mobile app, LEOcoin Info created by the LEOcoin community. Our latest venture, LEOcrowd, is a platform that links project creators to a community of financial backers who are passionate and excited about new ideas and who will fund projects in return for a reward or equity.

  • The event also had developers, cryptocurrency experts, and other LEOcoin community members in attendance.
  • Choosing to send tokens using the Private feature enables users to hide their wallet addresses from third parties, including the LEOcoin Foundation.
  • Moreover, the most favourable outcome has been the UK government’s agreement about the fact that UK’s regulation of digital currencies should and does not hinder this industry.
  • At LEOcoinwe have always maintained that the real power of this monetary innovation lies in its ability to level the playing field and democratise finance.
  • The usability and accessibility of the currency positions LEOcoin as a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs.

LEOcoinApp.com Launches Dedicated App for LEOcoin Community LEOcoin Info, as the new application is titled, aims to update LEOcoin followers with minute-to-minute news updates, price alerts, and growing trends. Why we are actively lobbying for the entire digital currency community among lawmakers and regulators. LEOcoin also plans to launch a debit card, which will allow people to hold balances in LEOcoin but when they use the card the merchant will receive whatever fiat currency they want, creating a whole lot more interest in LEOcoin. LEOcoin believes it of incredible importance to lead the digital currency conversation and become a key contributor that shapes this agenda.

LEOcoin is a digital currency that enables small businesses and individuals to take electronic payments from anywhere in the world, with tiny transaction costs. LEOcrowd is a new crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs from many countries pitch their ideas to potential investors who want fund new businesses and projects. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, and in line with LEO’s global focus, people using LEOcrowd can accept funding from almost anywhere on the planet. LEOcoin was created in June 2014, and has been backed by a dedicated digital currency exchange () since April 2015. It is the first digital currency to be launched in the UK that is designed for small business owners; allowing individuals to make fast, secure and cost effective transactions through a decentralised peer-to-peer network. The usability and accessibility of the currency positions LEOcoin as a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs.

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The prominent members of LEOcoin including Danny Alexander are constantly working with entrepreneurs, diplomats, bureaucrats, government officials, businessmen and the huge 200,000 strong LEOcoin community. In one such recent interaction, the LEOcoin team was in China attending a financial summit. The Chinese event saw Danny Alexander share the stage with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s top executive to discuss potential strategic partnerships with one of the top economic institutions in the region. Not only does crowdfunding give entrepreneurs a new avenue to diversify their investments, but it also provides people starting out with a vital stream of capital. Using the crowd, start-ups will be able to draw upon global currencies, and importantly digital currencies like Bitcoin, LEOcoin and more. The power of peer-to-peer digital currency trading is that it is between individuals on a global scale, no banks or states playing middleman.


The new LEOcoin has eliminated the needs of making huge investments in costly mining machines and electricity. Now, anybody with a mere computer can take part in the mining of LEOcoin, ensuring power to all. LEOcrowd is the brainchild of Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd , a global entrepreneurship training company with an ecosystem of products designed to help people start their own businesses, including a new digital currency course. The new mobile app is making information on cryptocurrency and virtual money markets more accessible than ever.

We welcome LEOcoin to WalletInvestor.com where we feature market data and forecasts

What’s further attractive about the mobile application is, its ability to put the idea of decentralisation before competition. What is LEOcoin info might carry the name of a registered digital currency, but also updates users with day-to-day price updates of many rivalry cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin. LEOcoin Community’s latest mobile application, LEOcoin Info for Android and iOS powered smartphones allows users to access basic information about the cryptocurrency at their fingertips.


LEOcoin, using a proof-of-stake algorithm, is “designed to be a world currency and the currency of choice for entrepreneurs,” as stated on the project’s website. LEOcoin holders can now trade the digital currency on Cryptopia, Leobit, LEOxChange, C-CEX, Livecoin and other exchanges. LEOcoin is expecting to work closely with many prominent institutions including the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in the near future. The event also had developers, cryptocurrency experts, and other LEOcoin community members in attendance. LEOcoin enables people to be the part of a private – and legitimate – finance circle, where they are not made to submit their personal details, such as name, home address, and bank info. The LEOcoin Foundation- a Social Enterprise, strives to promote and educate the government representatives about the potential impact that digital currency can have to change the way the world does business, by constantly meeting them.

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At LEOcoinwe have always maintained that the real power of this monetary innovation lies in its ability to level the playing field and democratise finance. This whitepaper sets out how LEOcoin works, and our vision for the future of digital currency. LEOcoin, the cryptocurrency created by London-based LEOcoin Foundation has made an important change to its protocol to make it more robust and user-friendly. The organization reports successful migration from the previously used Proof of Work consensus protocol, similar to that of Bitcoin to a more efficient Proof of Stake consensus protocol. The main funder of the Foundation is LEO, an e-learning and education business dedicated to meeting the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Chris is concerned that Celebrities are shamelessly profiting from ICOs at the expense of less educated retail investors by floating worthless digital assets.


LEO started this project with the intent to make a cryptocurrency tailored towards entrepreneurs and businesspeople. The coin advertises the same privacy, speed and security of bitcoin, but with a pure Proof of Stake algorithm that makes the network accessible to everyone. The introduction of a new cryptocurrency suggests this sector is rapidly growing and the launch of LEOcoin coincides with government proposals to regulate the digital currency sector and accept cryptocurrencies in the UK. Digital currencies like ours and Bitcoin, for example, are already seeing an increase in trades in light of the falling Yuan, Greece has seen similar activity. In fact the idea of a more formal adoption of digital currency in Greece was an idea put forward by none other than their finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

What you might not know about Mr Varoufakis is that he is an economist in his own right, with some interesting ideas on digital currency. Since digital currencies leapt on to the scene in the early 1990s, they have been steadily gaining traction in the financial sector. The recently issued LEOcoin White Paper offers a brief background of the digital currency followed by the platform’s future roadmap for technical improvements and increased adoption. At a time when the global economy is registering a steady decline, digital currency assets like LEOcoin offers a monetary alternative whose value doesn’t diminish the same way as fiat currencies.

LEO Price Chart

The Lion of Cryptocurrency Industry enables people to be the part of a private – and legitimate – finance circle, where they are not made to submit their personal details, such as name, home address, and bank info. This makes LEOcoin a fast, safe and private means of payment, when compared to other digital payment methods. But like most digital currencies,LEOcoin offers them a cost-effective solution where merchants can accept LEOcoinfrom their customers without having to worry about the transaction costs. The addition of LEOcoin Merchant and the myLEOtravel platform offer new ways to spend and pay with LEOcoin. Merchants receive free promotion from LEOcoin in the form of regular communication sent out to the LEOcoin community about new merchants and services.

The LEOcoin Info app is a valuable education resource on cryptocurrency, blockchains, wallets and more. It offers real-time LEOcoin updates and trends along with a list of markets where it can be bought. The response to this initiative by the LEOcoin Foundation has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Their efforts and the vision for digital currency have clearly impressed the government officials. The use of blockchain technology to solve global financial problems has also struck a chord with the officials. Moreover, the most favourable outcome has been the UK government’s agreement about the fact that UK’s regulation of digital currencies should and does not hinder this industry.

We have major ambitions for this sector, as it has the potential to fundamentally transform the way business is done across the world. Meanwhile Zia Aftab Khan Shakoori, a prominent and professional Hakeem and Proprietor of Shakoori Markaz-e Adveat Wah Cantt has also announced and joined Leo coin community as merchant to accept Digital Cash. LEOcoin uses Proof of Stake, so it presents an excellent alternative to those consumers for whom purchase of a huge mining rig is out of reach.

By using a Proof of Stake algorithm people without access to specialized equipment like ASICs or mining farms can now participate. Anyone who can operate a computer can now take part in the staking by opening a LEOcoin wallet. New reward structures for staking depending upon the number of coins held by each participant has also been implemented. Recently, LEOcoin was supported by a representative from the Chinese Embassy to the United Kingdom among others in an event which saw diplomats from over 20 countries in attendance. The team behind this project seems to recognize the uphill battle they face, and wants to differentiate their coin by optimizing it for business transactions.

The app also lists other major cryptocurrencies, their price trends, and market capitalization to allow LEOcoin holders to make profitable trades between LEOcoin and other digital currencies. The more popular bitcoin is a “virtual” currency that allows users to exchange online credits for goods and services. While there is no central bank that issues them, bitcoins can be created online by using a computer to complete difficult tasks, a process known as mining. A plethora of so-called “altcoins,” or alternative coins, have sprung up alongside bitcoin. Dogecoin, which was initially started as a joke in 2013 and is based on an internet meme, is still the sixth largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization, according to coinmarketcap.com.

Dan Andersson said the company now has local representatives in Israel, its 11th overseas market. What’s surprising is that your established high street bank is currently all in favor of digital transactions – they’re cheaper to manage and a chance to slice off a fee. Increasingly that’s trickling down to us consumers too – from Wave and Pay in your local city bar, paperless bank statements and Oyster cards, through to rumors that Denmark is planning to go entirely digital.


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