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Life After Addiction: What to Expect

Try to get at least eight hours of good quality sleep every night, and you’ll be surprised at the difference that it can make. Getting enough rest will help your mood, concentration levels, alertness, immune system, and much more. Addiction has probably left a bit of a vacuum in your life, and this is the perfect time to find something positive and meaningful to fill it up. Find a new hobby, volunteer at an animal shelter, study or do a course that will help you in your career. Do something that brings you joy and leads you further along the path that you want to follow in the future. In order to life an honest lifestyle, you must acknowledge that you made mistakes and hurt those closest to you.

Because of this, one’s relationships will need to undergo just as much attention and care as the person suffering from addiction. Family therapy, couple’s therapy, and daily trust-building are just a few of the ways one can begin to restore the relationships that are damaged in the wake of addiction. But above all else, it’s important to place yourself in an atmosphere that will support your sobriety and recovery.

Rebuilding Your Relationships

Addiction is a complex intermingled pattern of physical and mental discomfort. Getting sober and staying in a rehab is a hard enough process on its own but staying sober and making a fresh start after rehab is perhaps even more difficult. If the situation is severe, a person may require medically-assisted inpatient detox. After this, they will likely transition to a full-time residential program with a range of out-patient therapies. From there, aftercare programs provide the ongoing support for long-term sobriety. However, many people discover that even though they have a new outlook after completing an addiction program, they have to jump right back into real life and all its challenges. This includes the problems that stemmed from their addiction or perhaps even contributed to their addiction.

How Do I Regain My Loved Ones’ Trust After Rehab? – Addiction Center

How Do I Regain My Loved Ones’ Trust After Rehab?.

Posted: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Writing down things that you like about yourself can also help you achieve the goal of rebuilding confidence. Recovery is going to be a steady, slow, and lifelong process.

Develop a Strong Aftercare Plan

It’s important that you put the effort into rebuilding your relationships after rehab. When you’re struggling with addiction, your friends and family took a backseat to your demons. You have the opportunity to make a fresh start, so don’t put your relationships to the waste side again. For many, insecurity and low self-esteem contributed to the onset of drug use.

  • If there’s no trust in your relationship then there’s no relationship.
  • Finally, I was injecting heroin and cocaine multiple times a day.
  • They may have been the ones who watched your appearance and behavior change first-hand while you fell deeper into addiction.
  • Rebuilding your life means leaving those people who negatively impact your mental health behind and redirecting your energies towards people who lift you and support your recovery.
  • Addiction is a complex intermingled pattern of physical and mental discomfort.
  • During the pandemic, many people turned to drugs and alcohol to try to cope.

When you exercise and eat healthily and don’t waste your time on drugs, it increases the overall energy of the body. This will make you feel stronger both mentally and physically. A holistic program helps you not only overcome your addiction but also helps you with these other areas that need to be addressed in your recovery. See, if you suffered from addiction, you struggled with one of the most difficult and complex diseases in the world.

Make Changes in Your Life

You will have access to the app after completing treatment at Sunrise House or another AAC facility. Sunrise House offers several different ways to pay for rehab, including health insurance. We are in-network with many providers and make paying for rehab with health insurance simple. We’ll verify your insurance benefits beforehand and give you a breakdown of the anticipated costs.

  • Your future health, sobriety, and happiness are more important than sentimentality.
  • Writing things that you like about yourself down allows you to reflect on them at the moment.
  • Instead, imagine it’s true, and you might just find that it is.
  • “Today I’m a homeowner, I own a car, I started my own business.”
  • With each small change, inwardly celebrate your success in moving toward your goal.

Everybody’s recovery program is different, and there is no magic program. When someone tells me I need to do something specific to stay sober I will listen and take mental notes but also look at their program. When someone who’s happy, sober, and living a great life gives me suggestions I listen to them. Every day I stay sober is a positive day in which I’m rebuilding my life. It will most likely take years to rebuild your life and get your brain back to a normal state. How long this process takes will depend on how long you used drugs, how much damage was done, and your lifestyle in recovery. Many addicts, including myself, expected to fix all the damage I caused in my addiction in the first month I was sober.

How Do I Find a Job After Recovery?

Engage in new hobbies and activities – When you were using, all of your other priorities were put on the backburner. You spent your time seeking, obtaining, using, and recovering from the drug. This is often the biggest challenge of the recovery process – occupying your time so that you do not fall back on the activity you know all too well. In the right drug treatment program, you will learn to replace your drug-using habits with healthy, engaging, and sober activities.

Diana is an addiction expert and licensed marriage and family therapist who has been in the field of mental health for over 10 years. If you do this you rebuilding your life after addiction will experience a great deal of healing which will set you restart an amazing new life. It will take time and patience as you will need to build trust.


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