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Frequently asked questions. For those who want to know every detail of the options available

What are your office hours?

Summer season office hours

  Monday to Saturday

  • Morning: 9 am to 1 pm
  • Afternoon: 3 to 7 pm


  • Morning: 10 am to 1 pm


Winter Office Hours

Every weekday

  • Morning: 9 am to 1 pm
  • Afternoon: 3 to 7 pm


Where are our offices?

When can I check in and out?

Check in.

Access to apartments is guaranteed from 4 to 7 pm; simply turn up at the accommodation. If you come to our offices before that time, we will call our contacts to find out whether the accommodation is available earlier, but we cannot guarantee different check-in times.

Check out.

At 9.30 am.. In the event of special requirements, we advise you to make arrangements with our contacts on site.

Do I need to a book the ferry? Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we advise you to book the ferry before you set off. We offer discounts of up to 40%, subject to availability.

Ask us for a quote when you  contact us by email o or telephone,and we will be happy to grant you the discount if available.

And there’s more: depending on period and availability, if you book both accommodation and ferry through us, you receive a discount on the total cost of your holiday!!

I booked through Booking.com; what should I do now?

If your booking is at a “non-refundable” rate, you have already made full payment and received your voucher , so you can go straight to the accommodation.

If you booked at a “normal” rate, you will probably have received a preauthorisation on your credit card (see next question) so you need to visit our offices (we are at Calata Italia 17, Portoferraio) to pay the amount outstanding and collect all the documents you need.

I booked through Booking.com and I received a message from my bank: what happened?

Don’t worry, we have not made any charge to your card  🙂

It is a preauthorisation: in other words, we have asked the credit card company if you have the funds needed to cover one or more nights of your entire stay as our guarantee.

How can I make payment at your offices?

Once you reach our offices, you can pay by credit or debit card or in cash. The only payment method we do not accept is cheques.

Can I view the apartments before paying?

Before finalising bookings, we always provide all the information guests require to decide for themselves whether or not they will like the apartment, and also in view of the distances between the apartments we manage, we do not allow guests to visit apartments to decide whether or not to pay. However, we are always at guests’ service if apartments fail to come up to expectations.

Where can I find information about buses and public transport?

You will find all bus fare and the timetables  on the Compagnia Trasporti Toscani site (in the column on the right of the page).

Are there any LPG filling stations on Elba?

No, unfortunately there are no LPG filling stations on Elba, so we do not advise you to book and then travel with a car which only runs on LPG.

If you do decide to come, remember to notify the ferry company that you have LPG on board before departure.